Mag Kiemer

Arc Arrival

"These Pickups have unmasked the true potential of my guitars giving me the clarity, precision, dynamics and aggression I have always needed. Could not be happier"

Pickups used



"Music has always been a massive part of my life, way back when I was learning Piano as a kid. I picked up the guitar at age 14 after hearing ZZ top for the first time, ever since hearing that first Billy Gibbons pinch harmonic I've been hooked on guitar ever since.

I am a Guitarist in the band Arc Arrival, Producer and Audio Engineer. Audio production and being a musician go hand in hand, always wanting to get the best sound out of the songs I am hearing in my head and always chasing that sound to achieve perfection.

I started using Legendary Pickups after a reference from fellow Legendary Artist Ross Cloughley of Neshiima. Ever since then, working with Jason and using his Pickups has been a blessing, finally getting the sound I've been searching for and the tone out of my guitars that just makes me enjoy playing that much more."