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Our Story

So you made it to this section? Nice one!

Sadly the history here isn't quite as enthralling and gripping as the stuff of Legends the company is founded upon; I think you will enjoy a little read nonetheless.

For years I was never happy with my guitar tone. I spent countless hours of scrolling through fancy shop websites, overly enthusiastic review articles and wonderfully structured endorsement videos. "For what?" you might ask. To find that one thing that would make me sound better. I never found it, but I was always drawn to pickups more than any other sort of equipment, constantly trying to find "the one" . That one pickup that would quench my thirst. It took me a long time to realise that this was a dilemma we all face. Too many choices and options, with no real steer or direction to help us find the tone we want. To find our sound.

Enter Legendary Pickups.


17 years later, a few stone heavier and many, many coins worse off, I decided a change was needed. I could give back some of that experience and exposure I garnered to the pickup market we currently know. Aiming to offer something that I wish was around when I started my own tone seeking journey, I started my new journey to learn how to make that sound.

Legendary Pickups was founded with the intention of giving as many people as possible access to a more inviting and tailored journey than was available in my days. Rather than the huge corporate world, Legendary makes it a more human and accessible experience, but still producing pickups that are of a quality up there with the big Legends.

Proudly made in Scotland, drawing from Legends of past, each pickup series takes inspiration from those legends and are crafted to represent in some small way the traits and tales of those particular stories. 

Everyone has a story to tell. Every pickup has its own tale. You deserve your own Legend.

Legendary Tales | Legendary Sound

Legendary Pickups

Jason Greer

Founder - Legendary Pickups

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