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Understanding the Lineup

The pickup industry can be quite confusing and often has very obscure references and names to help you decide what option you are after. Legendary is no different, but attempts to make things simpler to follow compared to what the industry typically presents.  

Introduction to the model ranges

Humbucker Set

The Legendary "LP" range

The Legendary "LP" range is the simplest offering in terms of selection.

No customisation options, lower cost and still made to the same level as the more expensive offerings.

Available in two formats

Vintage - Lower output

Modern - Higher output

Best suited to players who are looking from a more budget conscious perspective, or for seasoned players who want a straightforward, high quality, handwound pickup to get the job done without too much thought


Set In Stone range

The Set In Stone range is the next step in the full lineup.

No visual customisation options but with the option to choose the specific model from the main Legendary Lineup.

Available in individual pickups or matched sets

Cheaper individual pickups compared to the main lineup

Matched sets carry an additional discount

Best suited to players who do not value, or require, the visual aspect while not compromising on the flexibility of multiple pickups to choose from


The Legendary range

The flagship lineup of the brand

A range of visual and tonal options available. Each pickup can be customised individually per order. 

Available in individual pickups or matched sets

Each Individual pickup in the order can be customised visually

All pickups are made to order and priced based on options selected

Best suited to players who want no compromise when it comes to the visual and tonal aspects of what the brand can offer. All models are available to be customised. 

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