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Alex Coombes

Solo Artist

YouTube (White)

"Legendary Pickups have an attention to detail and passion that has to be admired. Their approach gives you a great tool to craft your tone with."

Pickups used



Alex Coombes is a musical jack-of-all-trades whose career has seen him find success in a
variety of roles, from solo artist to session musician opening for major acts and music teacher.
Against the picturesque backdrop of the Suffolk countryside, Alex has spent over a decade as
a professional musician, honing his ability to produce, write music and create unique sounds,
while also playing for bands including Adventine, his most current project.

Alex’s unique sound is the natural result of a mixture of influences from rock legends like
Steve Vai and fusion players like Greg Howe and Pat Methany to modern prog acts such as
Plini and Intervals, as well as more esoteric references from his favourite video game
soundtracks, all passed through the lens of his diverse range of experiences.

The momentum Alex has built throughout his career has resulted in several notable
achievements, including securing an endorsement from LSL Instruments, a high-end guitar
company from the US, being selected to demo for several other companies at trade shows
around the world, and opening up for some big names, including 80s pop duo Go West.

Now, having just opened up his own commercial recording studio, Alex is ready to push
himself further than he’s ever gone before and take his career to the next level, writing and
releasing music at a faster rate whilst experimenting with different creative approaches
resulting in a more fulfilling outcome, both on his own and in collaboration with other artists.

With his continuously evolving talent and relentless work ethic, Alex is well on his way to
earning a well-deserved spot within the ranks of the industry’s greatest.

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