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Jamie Oldfield

Jamie Slays

YouTube (White)

"Having someone fully understand you and the tone you’re trying to achieve is hard to find. Jason has a great ear, attention to detail and creates fantastic products. I highly recommend him and Legendary Pickups."

Pickups used

"The Gatekeeper" Signature
Kronus / Zeus
Progenitor PAF


Jamie has been slaying the game since 2003. Ever since growing up and listening to Iowa by Slipknot, he was immediately hooked and had to learn to play the guitar.

Jamie soon moved on to heavier and more extreme music and started to write and record his own music at home. Fast forward 15 years and now he runs the guitar riff YouTube channel ‘Jamie Slays’ playing his favourite riffs, reviewing products and releasing original music & covers online.

His guitar heroes are Dimebag Darrell and James Hetfield.

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