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Liam Hesslewood

Neshiima / Solo Artist

YouTube (White)

​"Legendary Pickups are exactly what I have been looking for and offer something I’ve not witnessed before from other brands; improved clarity in my production work beyond what I felt possible."

Pickups used

Kronus / Poseidon
Lycan Proto / Themis


Although Liam has been a recording artist and live musician since 2010, inspired by artists such as Spineshank, Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World and Korn, Liam first found his love in music with Bruce Springsteen and the Backstreet Boys.

Currently front man of the touring band Neshiima. An Alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland.

Since 2017 Liam has recorded for a portfolio of artists, ranging from acoustic Folk and Indie to Hip-hop and Metal.

His favourite guitar sounds come from Nile Rodgers, Santana, EVH and Devin Townsend.

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