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Milian Malivuk

No Ostriches

YouTube (White)

“The Siren set completely transformed my already favourite guitar into the perfectly sounding and beautiful looking workhorse! As my writing style demands lots of versatility, reaching from glassy cleans to gnarly rhythm tones, the Legendary Pickups master this stretch perfectly.”

Pickups used



Milian started playing metal guitar around 2009, fascinated by his favourite band In Flames. With the rise of djent and the new wave of progressive metal in the 2010s, he quickly learned to love lower tunings and modern, percussive guitar sounds; 7 and 8-string guitars became his main writing tools.

Over the years, he released music with his band ‘Soulhenge’ - which is now the name of his guitar related YouTube channel - and his current solo-project ‘No Ostriches’. With the latter, he went back to the downtuned 6-string and became strongly influenced by the lead and synth sounds of the 1980s, which he mixes with riffs of the modern metal era.

Rabea Massaad is his favourite guitar player.

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