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Oliver Miles

Perpetual Paradox / Kingdom Rise

YouTube (White)

"My Gatekeeper set are the pickups I’ve been looking for for years. They are savagely articulate, brutal where they need to be and make technical riffs and solos shine in equal measure. They’re the perfect set and swear by them for the music I write and play. "

Pickups used

Custom Gatekeeper Rails


Oliver became interested in playing guitar at 15, after a friend showed him how to play Smoke on the Water. Then, he discovered Metallica, and after hearing ‘Ride the Lightning’ for the first time, he was hooked – he knew he needed to play the instrument himself. He fully immersed himself in this new world and quickly carved out a taste for brutal, aggressive tones that kept up with his playing.

Fast forward 15 years, and his style and influences have shifted massively. He’s as comfortable listening to jazz as he is deathcore (he’s a big Lorna Shore and Shadow of Intent fan) and applies a broad range of influences to the music he writes for his two bands – Perpetual Paradox, a tech metalcore powerhouse, and Kingdom Rise, a ‘Pantera-meets-Metallica’ throwback to the ‘80s. A riffer and shredder in equal measure, Oliver uses Legendary Gatekeepers to craft a tone he loves.

His favourite guitar players are Marty Friedman and Chris Broderick.

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