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Gatekeeper from Hell

Gatekeeper from Hell

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“Deep but controlled low end, full but tempered midrange and aggressive but smooth high end, this pickup will keep your tone in check.”


Please note: This model is a bridge only pickup designed to be paired with a regular Gatekeeper Neck.


Tip: Try this pickup flipped for an alternate sound; we like to call it a "Rail from Hell!" when doing so.


The Gatekeeper – Paying respects to the Legends that came before, The Gatekeeper signature set builds on tradition and cements itself within the modern era. Designed to suit the ever evolving needs of YouTube guitarist and social media wizard Jamie Slays, it brings aggressive articulation to the table in a truly unique design.


Styles best suited


Modern Metal, Downtuned, Extreme Thrash, Modern Metalcore, Death Metal


Rail characteristics


Extended lows and highs

Sharper pick attack

Higher output

Distinctly different character if rotated





Position: Bridge

DC Resistance: 15.46 kΩ

Magnet: Custom Ceramic

    £90.00 Regular Price
    £70.00Sale Price
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