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Progenitor 1970 - The Lawsuit Humbucker

Progenitor 1970 - The Lawsuit Humbucker

The 1970s marked an infamous period in the Japanese guitar market, giving rise to a plethora of 'copy' guitars. Some of these instruments were practically clones of highly sought-after brands, resulting in the creation of stellar guitars equipped with exceptional pickups from major manufacturers, including the renowned Maxon®.


Legendary Pickups pays homage to this era with The Progenitor 1970 - a 'Lawsuit' Humbucker. This pickup draws heavy inspiration from one of Jason's (Legendary's founder) own Maxon® sets, believed to be a U-1000 prototype (serial no. 16712) from a 1976 single-cut style guitar.


While not a direct copy, the tonal palette beautifully captures the essence of 70's era lawsuit guitar pickups. These pickups are often hailed as some of the most authentic replicas of late 50s humbuckers. The 'Lawsuit' becomes a no-brainer choice for those looking to replace faulty lawsuit era pickups or wanting to preserve their original set.


Beyond its historical significance, the 1970 stands out as a fantastic pickup in its own right. It delivers super clear tones, ample power, and a robust, single-coil-like treble response.


The Progenitor 1970 uses the following components:

  • 49.2mm threaded baseplate
  • AlNiCo 8 magnet
  • Vintage alloy keeper bar
  • Maple spacer
  • Vintage style butyrate bobbins 
  • Vintage braided wire
  • Nickel pole slugs and slot screws


Styles best suited

Clean playing, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Metal but also can fit well in higher gain applications looking for a sharp treble response for their driven tones.



Position: Universal

DC Resistance: 7.41kΩ

Magnet: AlNiCo 8

Inductance: 4.04H


Please note, as with the originals, this pickup comes in one single design for both neck and bridge positions. Please rotate this if using it in the neck. This is not a vintage accurate reproduction and some modern liberties have been used to make this more adaptable to currently available materials.


Maxon® is a registered trademark of Nisshin Onpa Ltd and Legendary Pickups has no affiliation with Nisshin Onpa.

  • Timescales

    All pickups are made to order (unless specified). Please expect 25-30 days for your order to be completed.

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