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The "Templar" - Raw, unforgiving, blessed with power. Fitted with a powerful array of triple Ceramic magnets, this pickup never strays from its purpose to provide a powerful midrange that will bend any amp to its will.


Grinding midrange, thick and powerful low end but still retaining string clarity under enormous levels of gain. Triple ceramic overwound bridge pickup matched to it's ceramic neck ensures aggression under any circumstance.


Styles best suited

Modern Metal, Downtuned, Djent, Prog, Extreme Thrash, Black Metal, Grindcore, Modern Metalcore 



Position: Bridge

DC Resistance: 19.49 kΩ

Magnet: Ceramic 8


Position: Neck

DC Resistance: 16.72 kΩ

Magnet: Ceramic 8


Please note: All covers are in 6 hole only. Please contact us for more options if required.

  • Pickup Options

    Uncovered Options

    Black / White / Cream / Blue / Light Blue / Purple / Pink / Orange / Red / Green / Chrome / Transparent in any combination.

    Covered Options

    Nickel, Black, Gold

    Custom Options

    There are multiple custom options available. Please get in touch and query current offerings.

  • Timescales

    All pickups are made to order (unless specified). Please expect 25-30 days for your order to be completed. 

    If your country is unavaiable during checkout, please contact us.

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