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Themis (Extended)

Themis (Extended)

Themis (/ˈθiːmɪs/; Ancient Greek: Θέμις) is an ancient Greek Titaness. She is described as "[the Lady] of good counsel", and is the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law, and custom. Her symbols are the Scales of Justice, tools used to remain balanced and pragmatic.


The Themis retains this fairness and sense of balance to bring an incredible, PAF like, neutral sounding tonal palette to the pickup. Designed to enhance an already great sounding guitar rather than shape it's tone, it's moderate output, even tonal properties, and dynamically sensitive pick response allows you to really bring justice to the tone your guitar represents.



Position: Bridge

DC Resistance: 14.58 kΩ

Magnet: Alnico 5


Position: Neck

DC Resistance: 8.75 kΩ

Magnet: Alnico 5


Please contact us for custom options, colours or 7 and 8 string variants.

  • Timescales

    All pickups are made to order (unless specified). Please expect 25-30 days for your order to be completed. 

    If your country is unavaiable during checkout, please contact us.

  • Pickup Options

    Uncovered Options
    Black, Cream & White in any combination.

    Covered Options
    Nickel, Black, Gold

    Custom Options
    There are multiple custom options available. Please get in touch and query current offerings.

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