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Vintage PAF classic model humbuckers

Vintage PAF classic model humbuckers

Plain enamel wire, vintage formula nickel pole screws, vintage alloy keeper bars, rough cast AlNiCo magnets, German nickel baseplates in 49.2mm spacing and old school butyrate bobbins assist in recreating the visual and functional design of this pickup. Top it off with vintage braided wire (optional) and you have a pickup that aims to capture the vibe of the one that started it all.


Styles best suited

Clean playing, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Metal but also can fit well in higher gain applications looking for super dry driven tones.



Position: Universal

DC Resistance: 7.48 kΩ

Magnet: AlNiCo 4

Inductance - 4.92H


Please note, to give the vibe of the very originals, this pickup comes in one single design for both neck and bridge positions. Please rotate this if using it in the neck. This is not a vintage accurate reproduction and some modern liberties have been used to make this more adaptable to current guitar designs, wiring options and switches.

    £120.00 Regular Price
    £100.00Sale Price
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